NOTES: Query Monitor Settings – config file

example to add to wp-config –

[php] define( ‘QM_ENABLE_CAPS_PANEL’, true );<br />define( ‘QM_DARK_MODE’, true );

The following PHP constants can be defined in your wp-config.php file in order to control the behavior of Query Monitor:

QM_DARK_MODE Enable dark mode for Query Monitor’s interface. Default value: false

QM_DB_EXPENSIVE If an individual database query takes longer than this time to execute, it’s considered “slow” and triggers a warning.   Default value: 0.05

QM_DISABLED Disable Query Monitor entirely.  Default value: false

QM_DISABLE_ERROR_HANDLER Disable the handling of PHP errors. Default value: false

QM_ENABLE_CAPS_PANEL Enable the Capability Checks panel. Default value: false

QM_HIDE_CORE_ACTIONS Hide WordPress core on the Hooks & Actions panel. Default value: false

QM_HIDE_SELF Hide Query Monitor itself from various panels. Default value: false

QM_NO_JQUERY Don’t specify jQuery as a dependency of Query Monitor. If jQuery isn’t enqueued then Query Monitor will still operate, but with some reduced functionality.
Default value: false

QM_SHOW_ALL_HOOKS In the Hooks & Actions panel, show every hook that has an action or filter attached (instead of every action hook that fired during the request).
Default value: false