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Site Updates: Table of Contents [posts_table columns=”title,content,cf:choose_owner,cf:site_update_due” post_type=”site_update” links=”terms”] EDIT – Site Updates – Marketing & Promotions: Table of Contents [posts_table columns=”title,content,cf:choose_owner,cf:mkt_promo_due” post_type=”marketing_promotion” links=”terms”] EDIT – Marketing & Promotions – Assets: Table of Contents [posts_table columns=”title,content,cf:choose_owner,cf:asset_due” post_type=”asset” links=”terms”] EDIT – Assets – Creative: Table of Contents [posts_table columns=”title,content,cf:choose_owner,cf:creative_due” post_type=”creative” links=”terms”] EDIT – Creative – Development: […]

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What people are watching What types of gay adult films are most popular? Users are most keen on seeing black and straight guys getting it on, according to the research. But this varies a great deal from state-to-state, with bareback being more popular in northern states, and black the most watched in southern states.

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