sales numbers through the roof!

What are projected sales?

They’re an estimate of how much revenue a company expects to earn by a set point in the future. They highlight any upward or downward trends and help give an indication of a business’s overall health.

Where have you heard about projected sales?

Projected sales are an important part of any company’s business plan and are useful when it comes to setting budgets. If you’re looking at a business as an investment opportunity, sales projections can help you understand its financial potential.

What you need to know about projected sales.

Business owners or sales managers are usually responsible for sales projections, with input from members of the sales and marketing teams and top-level management. They are usually calculated on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Most companies base their sales projections on historical data, market knowledge and possible internal and external factors which have been known to or could affect performance.

Projected sales can affect a number of company decisions, from staff numbers to the marketing strategy.